I went to Sage a few days ago, and I was blown away with how spot on she was with my palm reading. I recommend scheduling an appointment with her!!!
- Clyde Blanco

My favorite psychic. They are quite excellent and you can feel their sincerity. I had gone to other psychics before but I think they are the real deal. They gets booked fast so I actually had to schedule my appointment 1 week in advance, and they were open to responding to my questions even to the very last minute. I wish them all the best… 🙂

- Arham Bashir

Called and spoke with Sage. She was very kind, gave me a remarkable reading and will definitely be coming back!
- David Holden

Sage, even just from the chat, I can feel is a genuine soul. We were so in tune during my reading. She actually answered a few questions before I even asked! I will definitely revisit again. Thank you for your guidance!
- Brian Dri

It was my first ever tarot reading experience with balancing love center psychic and within minutes I had chills running up my spine… card after card, my past was foretold with such accuracy and preciseness that she made a believer outta me. Not only that, she even helped me with my present setbacks that were holding me back from living a peaceful and healthy life. Needless to say ill be back for more… cant recommend ‘balancing love center psychic’ enough!
- Jariee

One of the best readings I’ve had on keen: thank you for being so detailed and explaining this connection to me! I feel so much more at ease! Talk soon!
- Jessica Jessi

Been coming here for years for some life advice and consultation. Sonia is always thoughtful and accurate and understands what is going on. She went into details that were relatable that gave me clarity on what path to choose with my life.
- Fernando Bowden

I waited so long to put this Palm Reading deck in my hands, I nearly cried upon seeing their beauty. Such a perfect tarot deck. Never have I seen such a magnificent deck. The booklet inside a quick run-through of each card meaning. I love the extra choices between the more masculine cards. I’m just in absolute awe and can’t wait to do my first reading with them.
- Shulman S.

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